Monday, June 8, 2015

Adoption Update

Well we got our approval 2 weeks ago and it is currently in San Francisco being sealed and then it will go back to the agency and our adoption dossier will be able to go to China. WHEW !!! We have been super busy here trying to plant strawberry plants, feed, water and keep them alive. Memorial Day weekend it got down to 22 degrees and several rows of plants were hit hard. I am praying they will come back but so far it's looking a little bleak. The next weekend we got 4 inches of rain so again, praying and hoping. We have been to the dentist, everyone has had teeth cleanings and fillings and we are good for 6 months, that is a big deal here. Anna wasn't too sure about it so I had to get in the chair and hold her down so they could do a light cleaning and inspect her teeth. I confess to hating the dentist so I know how she feels. We are praying about some big decisions here. Some I really want and feel and Dan is like umm no; don't even want to think about it. So we are at an impasse fortunately God is all about these places and will work it out for His glory and our good. We have had no update on our little guy, I would love to know how big he is now so I could shop for clothes and toys while it is yard sale time. I have been picking up toys and the girls are loving them, they will be well broke in by the time he gets here. :) Our grandson Elijah who was born at 24 weeks gestation has been amazing everyone and is ready to come home from the hospital. HALLELUJAH!!!! He had his surgery today and as soon as he recovers from that he will be coming home. He truly is a miracle baby. When he had to be delivered so early the Drs. told us he would not live but God had other plans and we are so grateful. He is soooo cute. I will upload pics to share in a few days. Because really he is adorable.

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