Monday, January 19, 2015

Other Really Big News

We have started the process of adopting a boy from China!!!! We are all very excited. Having always wanted to adopt from China but never fitting the requirements ( and not God's timing ) we are now able to bring home a son. I saw his picture on a waiting child website and knew he was ours. But that is just the middle of the story. WE ARE SUPER EXCITED....... God IS SO GOOD!!! After bringing home Anna and all the challenges that came with that, we felt like we were done. We could do no more, we were so overwhelmed. I wish that I could say we knew what we were doing with her a year ago, but that would be a lie. We had no experience with all the needs that Anna had, and nothing to do but call out in prayer some days minute by minute, and God heard and would give us ideas or thoughts that we knew weren't ours; only God, and we would try it and have results. Someone would come along and make a comment about her and have you tried this or that sometimes we could say yes and it helps or no but we would give it a try. Other people would just comment and not very nicely......but hey we just kept moving forward..... Anyhow back to our boy..... Last spring in the midst of building the strawberry farm, figuring out Anna and regular life with 10 kids and 6 grandkids, our Phoebe started the GREAT CAMPAIGN ....."Mom we need a boy" over and over and over...finally I would just say we can't we have our hands full. She knew how hard it was and yet she wanted a boy. So I told her to start paying for God to change our hearts. So Phoebe started praying for that very thing. And after about a month I started to feel like it was a possibility....and then I knew that we should pursue the dream of bringing home a boy. More later....

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Little Catching Up.......Announcing our new business .....Summer Breeze Strawberries

In 2014 I was pretty absent from this blog, I had some really time consuming things going on and today I will start sharing what they were. We started a new business that just really took every second of every day between the building it and then working at it everyday for 4 months. I am going to share the website link and we are also on facebook. We put in a 15,000 plant hydroponic strawberry farm. It was a lot of work and between that and Anna and the rest of the family well....this blog was very neglected. We had a fairly successful year.....considering we had no idea what we were doing......and ended in the middle of October, our plan had been to go till the end of October but we had a very hard frost Columbus Day weekend and that was the end of strawberries for the season. Not going to lie it was good to be done I needed a break. We have our plants ordered for the 2015 growing season and I am looking forward to the planting which won't be until May. We should be open for u-pick again after the first of July until end of October (weather permitting). You can check us out at