Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Year Home

On October 16 we celebrated Anna's gotcha day. I can't believe how quick the year went. The first 4 months were not quick they were extremely long and hard. But after I changed my attitude thing s began to change all the way around. Now Anna is not talking any where near where I wanted her to be or thought she would be but progress has been made. She is much more vocal and is asserting lots of independence and self motivation and I am very happy about that. She continues to grow and develop and that is all we can hope for.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Anna an her First ice cream cone

Anna had her first cone....although she loved it she wasn't quite sure what to do with it. After shoving her face into the icecream she just used her finger to scoop if up and eat it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Its Friday Already?

Wow the days fly by. We aren't doing anything special or exciting yet but we will be if the weather ever changes.....ugh enough already with winter. I am going to post some recent pictures of Anna she has changed so in the 5 months since coming home. Grown 3 inches taller put on 5 pounds and she smiles now.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So what can I even say.....

It has been over 2 months since last posting. Our life has been turned upside down and back again since bringing Anna home. And lest you think it's because of her coming home some days that was the least of what was going on. I will do a quick re-cap of events...... Nov 2 Alex falls and breaks his leg we go to emergency room, comes home and we make appointments to see Dr. First Dr we see.....yikes wouldn't let him touch our son....get a new referral ...see another Dr. really happy with this Dr...he has time to do the surgery that afternoon, November 5 so we go over to the hospital to get ready for surgery. Sounds like a plan except I have Anna with me and now we have been at the drs office for 3 hours not to mention the hour it took for us to get there....she is done, whining ,crying, hungry, you name it, she has only been home for 13 days, she has no idea what is going on.....I call Dan to come meet me at the hospital and get Anna. He got her a yogurt parfait at Mcdonalds on the way home, which has started her deep love affair with parfait and her father. I stay with Alex and take care of him. We now are driving an hour each way every week for re-checks and Alexs' leg is healing fine. He is missing 2 weeks of college, sleeping on the couch and developing a relationship of sorts with Anna. December Dan goes to see the same surgeon because he has a piece of metal protruding through his ankle, he is scheduled for surgery Dec 19 December first week...stomach flu....will leave it at that Dec 16 Elaina has pneumonia..... Dec 19 Dan has surgery Wait lets just pull off Christmas and make it happy and wonderful....we got through it that's all I am saying December 26 Dans surgery is totally infected and he goes on 2 weeks of bed rest and numerous Dr apointments. December 27 Alex wakes up with acute appendicitis has emergency surgery We also have 5 birthdays in December!! Happy New Year So as you can see the reason I haven't posted is because it has been one thing after another, trying to get Anna to settle and trust us is difficult, but we are trying. One thing we did do is get Anna started in school part time, she needed the exposure and I admit to needing the break. There is only so much I can do. She gets speech, occupational ,physical and play therapy. It is working really well. I never thought that I would send a child to school so quickly upon coming home but hey nothing has gone according to plan. We are going beyond survival mode into building and establishing a solid relationship. It has taken twists and turns and there have been many difficult days. Days where I just ask God to help me to give me strength and patience. We are coming out of it and God has been gracious to us.