Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We are back

So much I could write but still trying to decide what should be said and what will be said. Anna is starting to adjust to living here with us. Actually that part is going fine. She sits on our laps, gives kisses and plays with the other kids already. Not bad for only being home for 2 weeks. She still tries our patience regularly. Tries throwing her tantrums to get what she wants but it never works so we are seeing less and less of those, that being said when she throws one she really throws one. Oh well as already stated they get her nothing. The trip went really well. Catherine was a great travel friend, couldn't ask for anyone better. Will post some pics from the trip. WE were in Bansko Bulgaria in the picture with the fountain. Bansko is a great area to go to. The playground picture Anna had a lot of fun at this park we walked to everyday. She played and we drank our Dunkin Doughnuts coffee....a beautiful set up. On the day we got her visa to come home we went to McDonalds as you can see she is not a fan she is looking in the fry box to see if there is anything else to eat.