Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Airplane Mode

That's how I feel about where we are at. When we put our cell phones on airplane mode, we want it on but not wasting battery life and always searching for a signal. We have contacted the home study agency our placing agency and the finger print clearance still has not come through. 2 weeks and they are done digitally so it's not like they are mailed anywhere, they are sent directly. So I am trying not to waste energy (time) stressing about when or how it will happen. I have to quit stalking my email looking for something and just enjoy all the other good things that are going on. Alex had his school play and it was wonderful, he made a great Gaston. We went to all 3 performances. On the Sunday afternoon one we had 15 people in for lunch and then went as a group to the school. I will try to post some pictures soon. He was so handsome:). This week on Good Friday our church is having a play, and Alex and Elaina are in that. Yesterday Sara,Jessi and myself went and set up the stage. And I think it looks like an authentic Roman court room. We have a little tweeking to do tomorrow but otherwise we have it set. If you live in the area its' 7pm Friday at our church. It is called The Trial of the Ages. Phoebe also had a piece of her art work go on display at the county Arts Council so on Saturday we went to the art display and awards program for her. I will also try to post a picture of it. She did a great job it is quite beautiful. Dan and I feel better about all the paper ,tape,markers,and glue that the girls use (on a very regular basis) it has not been for nought.:) We continue to be busy and hopeful, why well because we can't be anything else

Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick update

This week we had Alex state finger printed and a home study done. WHEW!!! We are supposed to take him Thursday ,but the school play starts on Thursday, so the problem is miss the production for the whole school and go get it done....because this is really...really...really important.....but so is his other commitement. UGH So I am thinking we go on a different day then the appointment, we have never done this before and I hate to be obnoxious but we really need this done. Decisions decisions. I am posting a picture of my grandson Wesley, I took him away for Monday afternoon with gramma time.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Set backs

We have experienced some set backs with bringing Anna home. Nothing earth shattering just very time consuming and frustrating. Alex has turned 18 so now he has to be finger printed and cleared on the state and federal levels. What it means is more paper work and time and money. We were hoping to travel in May but at this point in time that would take a miracle. Not that God couldn't do that it's really more frustrating than anything. We would love to get her home and start on the next phase of this which is atatchment and bonding. We will persevere.