Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Very Blessed Thanksgiving....

We celebrated our family Thanksgiving a little early. Our son Aaron was home from California so we had our family in on November 13. we had 22 people sit down for a dinner with all the trimmings. It was wonderful although it took me several days to recover, I was exhausted. We are completely blessed. God is so good to us!!!!!
Also as you can see by the last picture our son Aaron is now engaged!!! He asked Casey to marry him while home and a wedding in September 2011 is being planned. Very exciting. Her grandparents own a golf course that they both haved worked on, so last Saturday they went for a walk together and when they got to the 18th hole, Aaron got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.....AWWW how romantic :)
We had him ask the blessing for the meal on Saturday and then he held up Casey's hand and told everyone the good news.
God has truly blessed us as a family. We were so thrilled to have all 9 of our kids with their husbands/boyfriend/girlfriend sit at our tables along with grandparents and a close family friend to share in our joy. This week we will have dinner with Dan's family and 5 of our kids.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November is here....

I will show you all my grandson Owen who is 8 months. He is super cute. He is also a very good baby. He is a smiley guy and the spit up phase is finally starting to get better. I know that having had 9 I would be used to it but ummm yeah...not my thing. When we hold him and it's starting to you know come out we all get grossed out and give him back to Sara. She can't believe how we act, but can I just say when it's your kids you have to clean it up, but for anyone elses' it's optional.

So it's November. Is anyone else as excited as me? I love Thanksgiving. This year we are having all our kids in on the 13th. Aaron is flying home from California that weekend and so we will have all 9 of our kids, 2 son-in-laws and 3 grandchildren, my in-laws and hopefully my Dad. talk about a full house. I can't wait, have been planning a menu, and decorations for the 3 little girls to make. He is coming home the 11th to the 14th, it was so much cheaper to fly home that time then at Thanksgiving. We are just happy to see him , then at Christmas he will be home for 2 weeks.

Also it is OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD time I will be running the relay center at our church for the week. Am believing for the most boxes we have ever collected. I am excited because I have actually had some people sign up to help me. We have started filling our boxes here.....have you?

WE have a little movement on our adoption. Praise the Lord we have an approved homestudy. If you had told me that would take 5 months I would have thought you were crazy. But on Oct 15 we were approved and on the 27 we were notified by USCIS that we would get a finger print appointment. So we are moving along; very slowly but moving. We will work on the last of our dossier paperwork and just wait on God to move forward. But Operation Joy is still underway.

The kdis have adjusted very well at their new school. They were both allowed to play on the soccer team and basketball starts next week.