Monday, March 24, 2008


Well here we are almost a month later with new posts. It takes awhile because my daughter Sara was doing the blog for me and she is at college so sometimes it doesn't get updated very often. So I have decided to try my hand at posting. You will notice right off that I am not the wordsmith that Sara is. She is very clever and should be a writer. I would bug her about updating the blog and she would get frustrated with me because she doesn't have alot of time. These young kids nowadays thinking they have no time. She is only a full time college student (deans list all 4 years) works 40 hours a week and is planning her wedding for this May. I don't know what her problem is she has the hours between 2am and 6 am to blog for me. So here goes the next 2 post are my initial attempts at blogging and adding pictures.
What is new here? Nothing. Winter won't leave and I am more than ready for spring. We put the girls in their snowsuits to go out and play today. We even dragged their outside play stuff from the barn. It was pretty hard trying to slide in a snowsuit, Ava can barely walk in hers. But they went out and blew the house dust off. Everyone starts back at school tomorrow so we will be on regular schedule again. Ava goes for shots in the morning, Phoebe has pre-school and speech and then hopefully it will be nap time.

Easter 2008

HE IS RISEN!! Happy Easter to all. We had a very good Easter. It is still cold and we had snow but it was still good. We had all but one of our kids for Easter. We are always happy when we can have the kids together for holidays. We went to church for breakfast and Church service. Then down to Letchworth State Park for dinner and the egg hunt. I have to tell this story. All us Aunts fill several dozen eggs so we have a total of 300 eggs (excessive I know) we let the teenage girls go out and put them out for all the little kids to get, they are out in plain sight. Well the girls got the bright idea of putting a bunch of eggs on a very icey spot. Well when the kids went to get the eggs they would slip and fall and then someone else would run out and try to get the eggs and they too would fall. well at one time 4 of them were laying out on this icey spot scrambling to get up. Meanwhile the teens are standing by laughing like crazy at the younger kids, sick I tell you but it was pretty funny to watch. We all need therapy. Anyhow all the eggs were eventually gotten and a lot of fun was had by all.
The 3 younger girls wore their aui dais that I bought in Vietnam. They looked so beautiful in them. We have to pin Phoebes together , she is so active that the snaps come undone very quickly. But they sure are pretty. We had a wonderful day with our church family and our family.

Babies, Babies, Babies

I would like to introduce my new grandson, Cyrus Daniel born on March 13. He is soooo handsome (I might be a little predjudiced). Everyone is doing fine. He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces, in the Bible that would make him complete. I go over about every other day to hold him, would not want to wear out my welcome. Our girls were not sure what to make of the new baby, but after going to see him a few times they have warmed up. Except for Ava and she still thinks she is the baby. So at home she is our baby and over there she has resigned herself to Cyrus being the baby. I will try to include some photos of them. Also we have 3 baby calves in our barn. Everyday Phoebe and Elaina go out and bottle feed them. They have been very good about their new chores. Phoebe absolutely loves the calves. In fact she has named them baby cow, babycow and Phoebe. Very original.
Well we are waiting for spring to come to western New York. It has been very cold here still. We still have snow where it banked up and in the shady spots. Come on Sring.